After the depletion of your Reaper into the Rannoch, the fresh new geth was weakened and you can Admiral Han’Gerrel launches a full hit

This new geth product Shepard and Tali rescued regarding geth dreadnought, often Legion by itself, otherwise an effective Geth VI built in likeness, tries to publish the fresh Reaper code in order to increase every intelligences off the brand new geth cumulative: a work who would repair the fresh new geth to full strength, catching new quarian collection clueless and you can resulting in its depletion.

When the Shepard allows the new geth are up-to-date, Tali watches from inside the headache since she witnesses new totality of the Migrant Fleet freeze and you can burn inside the Rannoch’s surroundings. Filled up with anxiety, she takes away the woman cover-up, declares “I’m sorry”, and commits suicide of the organizing by herself away from a cliff. Shepard aims desperately to catch her however, so you can no get.

Tali is actually mollified at this and you may thanks EDI on her recommendations towards the Normandy

In the event the Shepard comes to an end the fresh geth product from publishing the new password, it gets hostile and you can Tali try obligated to stab they having this lady footwear blade to keep Shepard. In the event that Legion was real time and you can Shepard convinces the fresh new quarians to halt their assault, tranquility is attained involving the quarians and geth, and you may Tali observe unfortunately because Legion sacrifices alone to provide independence to all the geth, yet not prior to confirming that the solution to Legion’s concern-perhaps the geth keeps souls-try ‘Yes’.

If the Shepard decided to front side to the quarians along side geth, as opposed to seeing guarantee brand new earn reminds Tali of losings she obtain: the lady cluster into the Haestrom, the woman father, and also Legion if for example the program is actually around. She starts considering she is not happy to relax yet ,.

Shepard can also be step up and you may cause that have either class, nevertheless outcome is the identical: zero medications towards the quarians

In every cases where she survives the newest aftermath, Tali decides to rejoin the fresh Normandy, comprehending that she would getting attacking on her behalf homeworld. Before leaving Rannoch, she will be taking off this lady mask to see the fresh sunset.

While on this new Citadel, Tali coordinates the woman man’s items on the turians. Shepard will find the lady to the Presidium Commons talking-to a great functionary, possibly an effective diplomat or a clerk according to the date.

Until the competition to possess Rannoch, Tali contends that have a good diplomat getting medical offers, however the turian insists that they have nothing to spare. Tali points out the fresh quarians are prepared to spend which thousands tend to die without any drugs, but the turian counters that with the brand new ongoing battle therefore the current unsuccessful coup this new turians by themselves don’t have far offers so you can bypass. Tali try thankful to the token service if the Shepard sides having this lady, or grudgingly concedes the turian’s section and tells the latest Frontrunner she’ll speak later on if otherwise.

In the event that she endured the fight to own Rannoch, Tali will get new quarians’ ambassador towards the Citadel. Shepard finds the woman talking to an excellent clerk, whom Tali describes due to the fact individual that refuted her asylum when she received proof of Saren’s treachery. The fresh turian doesn’t know the woman and you may Tali decides to not remind your, realizing that battle isn’t any going back to petty grudges.

During the aftermission lulls, Tali commonly banters with Garrus, EDI and Master Engineer Adams. She and you will Garrus has actually several discussions about their earlier objectives with Shepard.

Tali including discussions that have EDI out of Reaper conversion of your own some other races with the husks, deliberating towards the as to the reasons it haven’t become converting new quarians. EDI assurances their it is not too Reapers try not to thought them of good use, rather they own perhaps not found Tali’s battle within the signifigant amounts. Whenever Tali has been maybe not convinced, EDI informs the woman that Normandy enjoys gained greatly hookup near me Ann Arbor out of her expertise and that the fresh quarians is an incredibly practical battle that have an astounding talent getting systems and tech.